Can I use Wise in the Czech Republic?

Yes. Using the Wise app, you can easily send money. Cheaper international transfers, free of hidden fees and currency rate markups.

If you’re having trouble finding an account in the Czech Republic that matches your needs, or if you’d like a multi-currency account that can manage both GBP and CZK, consider opening a Wise account. Open a handy online account from the UK to quickly hold, send, spend, and exchange CZK. More about that later.

A sensible alternative is to register a multi-currency Wise account online or using the Wise app from the UK, using UK evidence of ID and address, to store, send, spend, and exchange 50+ currencies. Wise is not a bank, but rather an E-Money Institution that allows you to save a CZK balance and spend it on your associated Wise card. Simply top up your account in pounds using your Wise GBP information, then switch to CZK, and you’re done.

Before sending money overseas, it’s a good idea to examine a few different choices, including your local bank in Czechia and specialist services like Wise, to ensure you get the best price possible – and save money on currency conversion.

So there you have it: a complete guide on creating a bank account in the Czech Republic, as well as some helpful tips on how to save money while living abroad with Wise. Use this to select the best supplier for your needs when you relocate, and don’t forget to compare the Wise Account to local banks to determine whether working with Wise might result in cheaper expenses on international transactions.

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