Do American cards work in Pakistan?

Yes, American cards can work in Pakistan, but their acceptance is limited. In Pakistan, Visa and Mastercard are the most generally accepted card brands, followed by American Express. However, American Express cards are only accepted at a limited number of establishments, particularly higher-end shops and hotels.

If you want to use an American credit card in Pakistan, make sure to verify with the merchant first to ensure that they accept Amex. You should also be prepared to pay a foreign transaction charge of 2.99% of the buying price.

Here are some tips for using American cards in Pakistan:

  • Check the merchant’s website or call ahead to confirm that they accept Amex.
  • Be prepared to pay a foreign transaction fee.
  • Consider getting an Amex card that is co-branded with a Pakistani bank. This will make it more likely that your card will be accepted at Pakistani merchants.
  • Use a debit card instead of a credit card if possible. Debit cards are less likely to be subject to foreign transaction fees.

You may always withdraw cash from an ATM if you are unable to use your American card at a merchant. However, be warned that ATM withdrawal fees in Pakistan can be rather hefty.

Overall, American credit cards may be used in Pakistan, although their acceptance is limited and some fees apply. By following the advice provided above, you may minimize any discomfort while increasing your chances of a successful transaction.

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