Is Amex available in Australia?

Yes, American Express (Amex) is available in Australia. American Express has operated in Australia for over 50 years and provides a range of credit and charge cards to Australians. Millions of merchants in Australia accept Amex cards, both online and offline.

American Express offers a range of personal and business cards in Australia, including:

Personal cards: The American Express® Platinum Card, the Qantas American Express Ultimate Card, the American Express Explorer® Credit Card, the American Express Cash Back Everyday® Credit Card, and the American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card are all available from American Express.
Business cards: The American Express® Business Platinum Card, American Express® Business Gold Card, American Express® Business Platinum Edge Card, American Express® Business Platinum Charge Card, and American Express® Business Corporate Card are all available.
Amex cards come with a number of perks, such as reward points, travel insurance, and purchase protection. Amex also provides its cardmembers with a variety of special privileges, such as early access to concert tickets and savings on travel and leisure.

If you are thinking about acquiring an Amex card in Australia, examine the many cards available to choose the one that best meets your needs. You may also read reviews of Amex cards written by other Australians to gain insight into the various cards and advantages.

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