Is an Amex Card available in Ireland?

American Express cards aren’t as common in Ireland as Mastercard or Visa, although they may still be used at select establishments.

If you need to withdraw cash with your Amex card, seek for Bank of Ireland or Centra ATMs.

In terms of security, you may freely use your card in Ireland. However, there are several security steps you may take:

  • Use an ATM located within a bank. If the ATM consumes your card, you’ll be able to reclaim it shortly. Furthermore, ATMs located within banks are less likely to be tampered with. Check for gadgets linked to the reader and cash return slot if you use one outside of a bank.
  • Please bring two credit cards. You can pay with your primary card and keep your backup card in your hotel room safe deposit box. You’ll never run out of money this way.
  • Keep your card close at hand. Card cloning is uncommon in Ireland, however keep your card close at hand at all times.

How to prepare before traveling to Ireland

  • Get a credit card that doesn’t charge international transaction fees. Avoiding the 3% international transaction charge can save you a lot of money if you travel frequently. Consider acquiring a travel card, which normally does not charge international transaction fees.
  • Select a Mastercard or Visa. They are the most frequently accepted cards, and Ireland is no exception, however you may still be unable to use your American Express card in certain areas. There are also plenty of ATMs nearby if you need to withdraw cash with these cards.
  • Obtain a backup card. When going overseas, always take a backup card because you never know what can happen to your primary card.
  • Get some money. In general, you may use plastic to pay practically anything in Ireland. However, if you wish to withdraw cash, bear in mind that credit cards carry extra costs, although most debit cards do not.
  • Inform your bank that you will be visiting Ireland. If you don’t notify your bank ahead of time about the dates and locations of your absence, it may block your card if it feels the purchases are fake.
  • Obtain the phone number for your bank. If you misplace your card or have payment problems, you can contact the bank.
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