What is Online Coaching

What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching means that the customer works with the coach over the Internet without meeting face-to-. Coaches help customers achieve their goals by guiding and supporting them one-on-one or in groups. This can be done via video call, chat, online forum, or email.

Online coaching services can be sold in a variety of ways, including one-time meetings, multi-session packages, group coaching, and pre-recorded resources. Online courses and online communities can also include coaching components.

Benefits of selling coaching online

The benefits of selling online coaching services include.

  • Flexibility: Work from anywhere and access your customers from anywhere.
  • Cost-effectiveness: No real office is needed to lower overhead.
  • Scalability: Reach more customers without increasing costs. Group coaching and pre-recorded sessions allow you to reach more customers in less time.
  • Convenience: Customers can access the service when and where it suits them best.
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