Kuwait e-visa for Canadians

Kuwait visa for Canadian – Requirements and Fees

You must be from an eligible country for visa application to Kuwait, or from a GCC country, in order to apply for a travel visa to visit Kuwait. The visa application process can be completed online by submitting an application form to the Ministry of State of Kuwait.
Canadian citizens are eligible to apply for a travel eVisa if they meet the requirements listed below.

kuwait e visa for canadian citizens

What documents do you need to apply for a Kuwait visa ?

The documents you require are few, and chances are you already have them. All you have to do is combine them before filling out the application. This will ensure that the process runs smoothly. Here’s what you’ll need:
• Passport – Just like when traveling to another country (not all of them require a passport, but the majority do), you must have a valid passport. Check that it doesn’t expire while you’re in Kuwait. This could result in some unpleasant consequences and unnecessary expenditures on your part. Also, keep in mind that temporary travel documents are insufficient.

• Digital scans of your passport – because you’ll be uploading the scans to the iVisa.com application form, it’s a good idea to scan your passport before proceeding with the application.
• Credit/debit card – Because you will be paying for the e-Visa online, you must enter your credit/debit card information.
In general, there is another requirement for Kuwait, but it only applies to citizens of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, which is clearly not the case.

kuwait e visa requirements for canadian citizens

How to apply for a Kuwait visa from Canada?

If you have determined that you are eligible for a visa, you can begin the visa application process. It’s as simple as filling out the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Passport information for Canadians
  • Details about your trip to Kuwait

Check all of your information twice before submitting your application, as failure to provide accurate information may result in your visa being denied or not being valid. Check the validity date on your passport twice, because if it is valid for less than 6 months on your date of arrival in Kuwait, your visa will be invalid. If your passport will be valid for less than six months on the date of entry into Kuwait, you must apply for and receive a new Canadian passport before applying for a Kuwait travel visa.

Your travel visa for Kuwait will be emailed to you once your visa application has been approved. Print your visa so that it is ready for inspection at Kuwait border control, and keep both your visa and your Canadian passport on you at all times during your stay in Kuwait.

Please keep in mind that the Kuwait travel e-Visa is only valid for a single entry and has a maximum stay of 90 days. If not used, it will no longer be valid after its expiration date.

Canadian Citizens Traveling to Kuwait with the eVisa

Canadian tourists with an approved eVisa can enter Kuwait for 30 days. They have the option of traveling by air, road, or sea. If they do not enter the country within a month of receiving their electronic visa, it will expire and they will have to reapply.
Canadian visitors will be required to submit their passports and printed eVisas for inspection at border checkpoints upon arrival in Kuwait. We strongly advise them to keep a printed copy of their eVisas with them at all times during their stay.

Canadians transiting through Kuwait do not need a Kuwait eVisa if they stay within the airport’s International Transit Area. If they want to leave the airport for some quick sightseeing or shopping, they can, but they must have an approved eVisa and plan to return to their departure gate on time.

Can Canadian visitors extend their Kuwait eVisa while in the country?

Yes, Canadian nationals who are already in Kuwait and need to extend their stay can apply for a Kuwait eVisa extension. They must have the reference number of their current eVisa on hand when requesting this extension.

What is the processing time and cost of a Kuwait visit visa for Canadians?

kuwait e visa fee for canadian citizens

Our Standard service has a processing time of three days and a processing fee of twenty dollars. Our Rapid service delivers it in two days for a fee of $60.00 USD, and our Highly Rapid service delivers it in 12 hours for a fee of $80.00 USD.
On arrival in the country, the local government charges some nationalities $10 USD.
It is also worth noting that applications are not processed during Kuwait’s weekends (Friday and Saturday), so submitting during this time will cause your application to be delayed.

The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Ottawa, Canada

333 Sussex Dr,
ON K1N 1J9,
Tel: +1 613-780-9999

For more information, read about the Kuwait tourist e-Visa or apply for your travel visa for Kuwait with a Canadian passport.

Canadians visiting Kuwait should register their information with the Canadian Embassy. Canadians visiting Kuwait can be reached quickly in an emergency by providing contact information.
Canadians who sign up for the embassy registration service will receive the following benefits:
Receive vital Kuwait safety and security updates.
Gather information before, during, and after a crisis.
If there is a family emergency in Canada, you will be contacted.
Although the majority of trips to Kuwait are trouble-free, registered Canadians can travel with even greater confidence.
When applying for an eVisa, visitors can register with the Canadian Embassy in Kuwait. When they reach the visa payment page, applicants should select the Canadian Embassy Registration option.


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